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So many ways and places to use it...
Use in hotels, rentals, and extended stay facilities.​​
Pack it in your carryon on your next business trip.
Ideal on family trips, vacations or excursions.
Handy on road trips, fishing, camping, in boats and RVs.
Can be used at bedside.
Gentle solution for maternity or hemorrhoids. 
Easy gardening solution.
Convenient for pet grooming.
Perfect for car washing.

Make your MyPortaWash
TO GO a kit!


Purchase the perfect mate for your BIDET TO GO! 

The MyPortaWash BUCKET TO GO folds flat down to less than 2 inches, and when expanded, extends to over 10 inches tall, and takes up to 3 gallons of water.  

Simply fill up your bucket with water, drop the bidet pump in, and you're good to go! Wash up anywhere, anytime. 

The rechargeable battery on your electric portable bidet can go on for hours, and can be charged with a USB, just like your phone or tablet.

When you're done, collapse your bucket and return it into the provided matching carrying pouch along with the bidet pump.

It's never been easier to get clean on the go!

*Our products are ideally used together, but versatile enough to be used separately. 

Rechargeable Portable Bidet​​​​​​​


Collapsible Foldable Bucket​
Put together and use in minutes!